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Thursday, August 6, 2020

How To Access The New CBN Agric fund


How To Access The New CBN Agric fund

Monday, December 9, 2019

The True and Sad Story of How Afonja Lost Ilorin and Its Kingship to Fulani People

From A Guest Writer.

The Yoruba and Fulani inhabitants of Ilorin, the present capital of Kwara State, Nigeria, have for so long been at loggerheads over who should produce monarch for the town.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Saturday, October 19, 2019

10 Marriage Scandals And How Different Nigerian Ladies React Towards Marriage (Video)

10 Marriage Scandals And How Different Nigerian Ladies React Towards Marriage (Video)

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Young CEO @Evafabrics Has A Message For Female Students In Nigeria (Video)

A young entrepreneur @Eva_fabrics1 has taken to social media to express her opinion on the #sexforgrade trend rocking the Nigerian university and reducing the values of our young girls.

See The Effect Of Taking Hard Drug! See How Young Man Goes Nuts After Consuming Excess Dose Of Hard Drug (Video)

Young man went haywire after he took excess dose of hard drug in Lagos, he was been kept on a leash to avoid taking to the streets. See video…

Friday, October 11, 2019

Please Read & Advice: I Just Discovered That My Wife Of 5years Already Has 2 Grown Up Kids.

I have been married to this woman for almost 5 year, but recently I just discovered that my wife has 2 grown up girls, 15 and 13 respectively.

I Have Been Stuck In My Girlfriend’s House For 3 Months And Now She’s Pregnant, & I Really Can’t Marry Her – Man.


I used to live in Abuja but left when I couldn’t pay my rent anymore when things became worst for me, I moved to east, though I still had unfinished business in Abuja.

Moments When OAPs Of City Fm Where Mocking Yemi Alade And Didn’t Know Camera Was Still On (Video)

These three chattering ladies really finished the singers Yemi Alade after she finished an interview in the radio station.

Today Regina Daniels’ Movie ‘The Enemy I Know’ Which She Purported Her Lifestyle Is About To Premiere On Cinemas.

‘The Enemy I Know’ a movie which she took part of her husband’s billions to produce, Regina Daniels have since been looking for a means to purport her wannabe lifestyle into her acting career.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Moments When An Armed Robber Dropped His Gun And The Female Shop Keeper Took It & Used It On Him.

Could this guy be high on drugs or he’s just over excited? He kept his gun on the counter to pack his loot...

President Muhamadu Buhari's Wedding Card

Official card Buhari/Sadia wedding Fatiah at the Central Mosque, Abuja.
Time is 2pm after Jummat prayer.
Congratulations Buhari…

10 Memes For The Typical Nigerian Family.


10 Memes For The Typical Nigerian Family…

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

African Men Are Cursed With Sex, That Is Why They Never Progress Because Every Move Is Been Planned Towards Sex.

That is what happens when you make sex the core reason for your daily motives because Sex is so detrimental both physically and mentally. The reason for Africa to still be an under developed continent today is that our dear African men live and breathe for sex, they will do nothing but everything to get a considerable inflow of constant sex.

Pastors And Imams Should Be Banned From Visiting People’s Homes And Calling People’s Wives & Daughters On Phone.

This is becoming too much with our so-called men of God sheep in wolf skin with rape cases, paedophiles, impregnating little girls, there is much to this than the eyes can see.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Man Captures Moment A Sugar Cane Seller Was Jerking Off In Broad Daylight (Video)

Sugarcane seller taking his time to wank off the day’s stress in broad daylight. The same hand he uses to attend to his customers, he uses to jerk off. Jeez!

Port Harcourt Was Named After A British Paedophile Rapist & Sex Maniac – Fani Kayode

Nigerian controversial politician Fani Kayode has made a controversial essay about the history of Nigeria on his Facebook page.

Gigolo’s Confession: “I Have Listened To So Many Cheating Wives Rant About Their Husbands Are Too Low Self-Esteemed”.

A male booty call has explained his encounters with servicing married women; he explained how these women expressed their frustration over their men. Read his comments: